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Ministry of Trade and Industry Applauds Africa Industrial Trade Show
  • November 7, 2022
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The Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Michael Okyere Baafi in his address to the press at the just-ended Africa Industrial Trade Show (AITS), commended all efforts to create a platform that convenes industry players, stakeholders, partners, investors, and exhibitors across sectors.

The Africa Industrial Trade Show has proven to be an invaluable platform for the region’s industrial players to showcase their products, research, and development efforts and take part in dialogue with industry stakeholders and local and international investors.

This year’s AITS witnessed a huge turnout of participants and industries across sectors. Hon. Baafi remarked on the benefits the event has provided for exhibitors and participants alike and for delegates and the investor community.

He said that it was worthwhile witnessing the participation of diverse sectors of the economy including vital industrial sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, chemicals, motor cars, cement, and others. It is his conviction that the event will continue to attract commitments from industrialists and investors who are keen on exploring business opportunities in Ghana. More so, the AITS continues to serve as a catalyst for growth and transformational change.

He also noted that industries are being encouraged to invest in local manufacturing, improve products and explore opportunities for exports. Government looks forward to supporting such initiatives through capacity-building activities that would supercharge the potential of the trade show.

To conclude his remarks, Hon. Baafi reiterated the country’s efforts to replicate industrial parks across all regions in the country. He remarked that LMI Holdings’ establishment of special economic zones like the Dawa Industrial Zone is a significant steppingstone in attracting FDIs as well as contributing to Ghana’s build-back-better economic agenda.

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