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Dawa Industrial Zones Unveils 3D Model with World-Class Infrastructure
  • November 3, 2022
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A new three-dimensional model design of the Dawa Industrial Zone (DIZ) has been unveiled at the recent Africa Industrial Trade Show held at the Meridian Industrial Park, Tema Free Zones Enclave.

The unveiling was done at the event’s executive business forum following presentations from LMI Holdings, Ghana Free Zones Authority, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre.

During the forum, key stakeholders, partners, and business reps from various sectors in Ghana and across Africa were given the platform to present their products and services to local and international business experts and development partners as well as share collaborative suggestions towards achieving Africa’s industrialization.

The new model represents a strong picturesque image of the Dawa Industrial Zone as the country’s one-stop-shop for all industrial needs. It supports not just the image of the Dawa Industrial Zone as an engine of growth and industrialization in Ghana but also ensures that Zone remains competitive in the regional and global market.

The new Zone model looks more realistic and efficient in carrying out business on account of its size, as well as its functional stature. The model showcases a total land area of about 2000 acres to facilitate economic growth for businesses within the Dawa Industrial Zone.

The model serves as a good reference point for all investors and shows the commitment of the Dawa Industrial Zone developers towards ensuring that the Dawa Industrial Zone meets international standards in terms of planning, infrastructure, utilities, and service delivery. Again, the Dawa Industrial Zone is expected to house both light and heavy industries including agro-processing, pharmaceuticals, steel fabrication, automotive, garments and textiles, warehousing, and logistics.

The Dawa Industrial Zone is Ghana’s ultramodern location for all types of industries. This special economic zone has been developed to transform Ghana into an industrial powerhouse through a targeted process of attracting investments into strategic industries that have the potential of transforming the Ghanaian economy and catapulting Africa’s industrialization.

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