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If you are planning to start the cloth manufacturing business you need the best industrial park with the latest high-end technology that make your business more successive. Dawa Industrial Zone has all these success factors.

Advantages of locating in Dawa Textile village:

  • Ghana’s textile and apparel industry has significant growth and potential.
  • Favorable market and government support through policies, incentives, and infrastructure.
  • Reliance on natural resources such as cotton with a ready market in the ECOWAS region.
  • Geographical location, favorable trade agreements, affordable workforce, peaceful and stable democracy, and friendly business climate are advantages of Ghana.
  • Dawa Industrial Zone in Ghana is a growing hub for businesses in the textile industry.
  • Conveniently located just 45 minutes from the Tema Harbour and Industrial Hub.
  • The industrial park is served by a modern substation.
  • Offers ultra-fast internet, high-quality roads, and concrete products.
  • Tenants can access civil works and engineering services on-site at competitive rates.
  • Estate management services are provided, ensuring a clean and safe environment for businesses to operate in.
  • The textile industry in Ghana has the potential to contribute significantly to the country’s economy.



1. Can you provide more details on the current state of the textile industry in Africa?

– The African textile industry has seen growth in recent years, but it still faces challenges such as limited access to finance, poor infrastructure, and lack of government support. However, with increased investment and favorable policies, the industry has the potential to grow further.


2. What types of incentives or tax breaks are available for investors interested in the Dawa Industrial Zone?

– The Ghanaian government offers incentives such as tax exemptions, duty-free imports of machinery, and other benefits for investors in the Dawa Industrial Zone.


3. How long is the investment term and what is the expected return on investment?

– The investment term, return on investment, and other financial details would depend on the specific investment opportunity and negotiations with the Dawa Industrial Zone.


4. What are the risks associated with investing in the African textile industry and specifically the Dawa Industrial Zone?

– Investing in the African textile industry carries some risks such as political instability, currency fluctuations, and limited infrastructure. However, by

working with experienced partners and conducting proper due diligence, investors can mitigate these risks.


5. How is the Dawa Industrial Zone ensuring a reliable supply chain for its textile production?

– The Dawa Industrial Zone has established partnerships with suppliers of raw materials, logistics providers, and other stakeholders to ensure a reliable supply chain.


6. What is the competitive landscape of the African textile industry and how does the Dawa Industrial Zone fit into that?

– The African textile industry is highly competitive, with countries such as Egypt, South Africa, and Morocco being major players. However, the Dawa Industrial Zone’s location in Ghana offers advantages such as a stable political environment, skilled workforce, and access to raw materials.


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